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How much does it Cost for Teeth Whitening in Chandler, AZ?

Folks get their teeth cleaned from time to time. It helps them look and feel their best. Despite regular cleaning, it is natural for enamel to get pale and yellowish as we age. This dullness is partly attributed to age, but also to what you eat or drink. Caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol, for example, may all discolor your teeth. Cigarettes and consuming meals containing food coloring may discolor your teeth as well. Brushing shortly after having food or drink can help avoid stains, but it is not enough to eliminate the stains completely. Fortunately, discolored and bad teeth shouldn’t have to be permanent.

You can utilize several methods of tooth whitening. At home, most people begin by using brightening toothpaste. It can help improve your teeth, even though it is hard enough to whiten them. Dentists in Chandler suggest toothpaste as part of a comprehensive teeth-whitening regimen but rarely as a stand-alone solution. Following a professional whitening, brushing can help keep your teeth sparkling.

Some people will experiment with over-the-counter treatments such as bleaching trays or strips. These remedies are effective but not as effective as expert solutions. Like most items, store-bought bleaching trays are generalized to fit everyone’s mouth in a universal size. As a result, they might be loose, and the solution may leak, causing gum irritation.

The treatment generally should not be painful and is quite simple to execute. As we begin, we advise you to schedule an oral exam with our teeth whitening experts in Chandler.

Before starting your smile makeover procedure, dentists will check your gums and teeth to see if they are suitable for teeth whitening. This approach eliminates any doubt if there are abscesses or germs, as they would need to be addressed first.

How much does it Cost to Get Your Teeth Whitened?

The expense of teeth whitening might vary greatly depending on the product and technique used.

Qualified, in-office whitening is perhaps the most expensive solution, costing approximately $650 per visit (price can range from $500 to $1,000). Nevertheless, it does offer the advantage of being executed by a seasoned dental expert, which helps to guarantee that you receive the results you want.

Teeth Whitening Chandler

Over-the-counter strips and trays, which you may get at your local pharmacy or grocery store, are at the opposite end of the price range. Such kits can typically cost from $20 to $100, making them an appealing choice for individuals seeking a bit of a smile improvement without the great expense of in-office whitening treatment. However, it’s crucial to remember that outcomes might vary when using these less expensive, lower-concentration peroxide whitening strips.

If you’re searching for a middle way between expert whitening and over-the-counter treatments, professionally administered take-home kits may be a suitable option for you. These kits prescribed by a dentist range from $100 to $400 and can produce good results.

Please remember that whitening benefits are not everlasting, so if you want to sustain your whitened smile, you’ll need to reapply as the benefits fade.

For the best teeth whitening treatment in Chandler, AZ, visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio. We offer an easy teeth whitening service that you can use at home, with our experts guiding you. Let us add some sparkle to your smile!

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.