Does Your Baby Need Eruption Hematoma Treatment?

Can’t see your babies in pain, right? No matter how careful you are, eruption hematoma causes discomfort and, thus, needs immediate treatment. If your teething baby is in pain, eruption hematoma treatment is crucial. Visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio, Chandler, for immediate treatment.

What is Eruption Hematoma?

Eruption Hematoma is a cyst that forms right beneath the gum tissue during tooth eruption. The blood accumulates there and forms a cyst, which can be painful. Generally, teething babies suffer from eruption hematoma as damaged blood vessels lead to bleeding. However, it is also a common problem among kids aged 6-9 when their milk teeth fall out.

What Are the Causes of Eruption Hematoma?

There is no clear answer to why eruption hematoma occurs. However, it is believed that it might be caused by:

  • Damaged Blood Vessels: Babies munch on everything they find, especially during teething. Sometimes, they end up damaging blood vessels beneath the gum, which leads to bleeding and causes the formation of a cyst.
  • Thin Gum Tissue: Children with thin gum tissue are more prone to eruption hematoma.
  • Trauma During Eruption: The primary cause is often trauma to the area during the eruption of teeth, which can occur when the tooth is pushing through the gum tissue. Sometimes, crowding of teeth beneath the gum surface also causes the cyst.
Eruption Hematoma Treatment


What Are the Symptoms of Eruption Hematoma?

The best way to avoid a dental issue is to identify the symptoms at the earliest so you can bring them to Peace of Mind Dental Studio, Chandler, where we can look into the matter and ensure patient comfort.

During teething or falling out of milk teeth, look out for these symptoms of eruption hematoma:

  • Swelling on the gums.
  • The bluish, yellow, or white-tinted dome on gums.
  • A balloon-like bump of roughly half an inch.
  • ed bump right on the gum or side of the gum.
  • Tenderness in the area and severe discomfort.
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What Are Eruption Hematoma Treatment Options?

Often, eruption cysts go unnoticed, and kids recover from them, but dental intervention is important for severe discomfort and pain.

Here are the treatment options available for eruption hematoma:

  • Observation: Observe the gum as, in many cases, the cysts go down by themselves. The damaged tissue heals, and the cyst treats itself. However, it is important to keep an eye on it to monitor its progress.
  • Pain Management: Babies are not accustomed to pain, and eruption hematoma causes it extremely in some cases. Babies go cranky when they are in pain, so administer over-the-counter painkillers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. These will help reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Cold Compress: Cold compresses are the best way to deal with swelling and pain. Use a clean cloth or ice pack wrapped in a thin towel and press it against the baby’s cheek.
  • Soft Food: If your baby is suffering from eruption hematoma, then make sure he takes only a soft diet, such as fruits, juices, and milk. Avoid toast.

Why Book an Appointment with POM Dental Studio?

Eruption hematoma is a harmless condition that doesn’t affect your kid’s dental health or teething. However, it can cause severe discomfort to the babies. Sometimes, they bite down on the cysts, which bleed, and the fluid comes out and causes immense pain.

If you have any concerns about your child’s dental health, don’t hesitate to consult Peace of Mind Dental Studio, where Dr. Silverman can provide personalized advice and guidance.

What To Expect During the Treatment?

We pride ourselves on putting patient comfort first. Since eruption hematoma affects babies and kids, our priority is to ensure that kids don’t feel any fear or pain.

It starts with a preliminary examination because no treatment is possible unless we get a good look at the problem.

Once the problem is identified, we carefully check if there is only one cyst or if it is forming all around the gums because it might be possible due to crowded or impacted teeth. Medication is necessary, and it is the next crucial step.

If the cyst doesn’t rupture, then surgical intervention is important.

We will administer a local anesthetic and make a small cut in the bump, causing the fluid to release. However, it is best for kids aged six or above who can spit and swish.

Preventing Eruption Hematomas

We take patient comfort very seriously, especially when there are kids involved. Thus, we recommend you schedule regular dental checkups for your child to monitor teeth eruption and address any early concerns.

Soft diets can do wonders for teething kids by reducing the risk of trauma. Also, provide teething toys or objects for your child to chew on, offering relief during the teething process.

Prioritize Your Child’s Dental Health

Dental checkups are crucial for every kid with teeth and those in their teething period If you have questions or if your child is experiencing symptoms of eruption hematoma, please reach out to schedule an appointment with us. We are the best family dentistry in Chandler and are here to provide the compassionate care your child deserves for a healthy and happy smile.

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answering your questions about eruption hematoma…  

How does an eruption hematoma differ from other dental conditions?
Unlike other dental conditions such as dental caries or periodontal disease, an eruption hematoma is specifically associated with the eruption process of permanent teeth. It occurs due to trauma to the soft tissues covering the erupting tooth and presents as a distinct swelling or bruise-like discoloration on the gums.
Is treatment necessary for an eruption hematoma?
In most cases, treatment for an eruption hematoma is not necessary, as the condition typically resolves on its own within a few days to weeks. However, if the hematoma is large, painful, or interfering with oral function, treatment may be recommended to alleviate symptoms and promote healing.
How long does it take for eruption hematoma to heal?
The healing period depends on the size and severity of the problem. The patient’s health and oral hygiene also play a crucial role here.

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