Amalgam Tattoo Treatment: What Do You Need To Know?

You need amalgam tattoo treatment if you have ugly, gray stains appearing in your mouth. Visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio, Chandler, AZ, today for effective treatment.

What is an Amalgam tattoo?

First of all, an amalgam tattoo is not an ordinary tattoo. It is the discoloration caused by dental fillings, and it is a benign condition that doesn’t cause any problems. Amalgam tattoos usually appear near the dental fillings but can appear anywhere in your mouth. They don’t show any symptoms or pain, and you only find them by looking in your mouth for anything unusual.

Causes of an Amalgam Tattoo

Amalgam tattoos are caused by procedures such as dental filling or extractions. The dental fillings called amalgam are made up of silver, mercury, copper, and tin. Dentists use this amalgam to fill cavities and treat tooth decay.

When these dental fillings are placed or removed, the tiny amalgam particles may fly around and lodge in the gum tissue.

These particles that get stuck in the gum tissue start leaking the silver color of the metals, causing a gray, blue, or darker color to appear in your mouth.

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Symptoms and Complications

The only symptom of an amalgam tattoo is the appearance of dark amalgam stains in your mouth. Apart from that, you won’t experience any pain or other discomfort.

Many people believe that since amalgam has 50% mercury, it might cause mercury poisoning.
However, this is not true.

Amalgam tattoos are non-toxic, and if you don’t wish to seek treatment, they can be permanent as they are non-hazardous.

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Diagnosis of Amalgam Tattoo

If you see any amalgam stains appearing near any dental fillings or extractions, and if the stains are persistent and large, come and visit us at Peace of Mind Dental Studio so we can examine the issue and offer a treatment plan.

Usually, the diagnosis of an amalgam tattoo requires a radiograph. However, you must know that only one-fourth of amalgam particles appear on a radiograph, as the particles are extremely tiny.

Amalgam Tattoo Treatment

If large and noticeable stains appear on your front gums, you can seek amalgam tattoo treatment at Peace of Mind Dental Studio.

The common treatment options include:

  • Surgical Excision: Surgical excision may be considered in rare cases when the amalgam tattoo is particularly large or persistent. This involves cutting away the affected tissue and suturing the area closed. While effective, surgical excision is usually reserved for more severe cases and may be associated with a longer recovery time and potential risks such as scarring and infection.
  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is a quick and minimally invasive procedure wherein laser energy breaks down pigmented particles. The deeply embedded tattoos can be effectively removed with laser therapy.

Other Causes of Staining

An amalgam tattoo isn’t always the culprit of staining in the mouth. It can be caused by several other reasons.

  • Graphite Staining: If you chew or used to chew on your pencil unknowingly, the graphite or lead particles might get trapped in the gum tissue and cause the staining.
  • Asphalt Tattoos: Asphalt tattoos usually appear in the mouth if you have had an accident, resulting in asphalt and metal pieces getting stuck in your mouth.
  • Lead Shots: If you have had a bullet wound near the mouth, the staining might be due to lead staining.

Amalgam Tattoo Treatment at Peace of Mind Dental Studio

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answering your questions about amalgam tattoo…  

Should I get an amalgam tattoo treatment?
Amalgam tattoo is a benign condition, and if it is not disrupting the beauty of your smile, you can choose not to seek treatment. However, diagnosis is important to ensure it is indeed an amalgam tattoo.
Does dental insurance cover amalgam tattoo treatment?
As amalgam tattoo treatment is a cosmetic procedure, the treatment is not covered by dental insurance. However, you must consult your insurance provider to learn about your options.
How long does an amalgam tattoo treatment take?
The duration of treatment for an amalgam tattoo will depend on the chosen treatment option, the size and location of the pigmented area, and the individual’s healing response. Surgical excision may require one or more appointments, while laser therapy or cosmetic procedures may be completed in one visit.

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