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There isn’t just one white paint, and there certainly isn’t one shade of white for teeth.

When having restorative work done, we use shade matching & a dental composite shade guide to closely match your surrounding teeth for a seamless natural appearance.

what is dental shade matching?

When you’re having dental restorations done, the materials used are visually color matched to your existing teeth or desired shade to ensure  a natural looking result.


you might need dental shade matching…


When replacing the visual part of your tooth (or teeth) in a restoration procedure, it’s crucial to get the right shade of white or the result will look jarring. The most commonly used technique to match the restorative materials  with your shade of teeth, is completed manually with dental shade guides. These guides include shade tabs that allows the dentist to visually compare a tooth with multiple options.

The patient will be part of this process as ultimately, the color chosen will be approved by the patient prior to the restoration being created.  In certain circumstances, patients need to visit our local laboratory for further evaluation and shade matching if it’s proving difficult. 


  • a desire to cosmetically change your teeth
  • a restoration needed in the esthetic zone, which you can see when smiling

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