Toothache Treatment: How to Deal With It?

Are you experiencing pain in your tooth? Do not overlook it, and visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio today for immediate treatment.

Understanding Toothache

You definitely do not need a definition for toothache, but you must understand it.

If you have pain around your teeth, there might be several causes contributing to it. It can be as simple as something stuck between two of your teeth or an infection. While it is easy to detect the cause in your incisors and canines, toothaches in and around the molars often pose a challenge.

So, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, book an appointment with us today, and let us offer you tooth pain relief.

Types of Toothache

“Does a toothache have types?”
Is this what came to your mind? If yes, the answer is that, indeed, there are types of toothache. Check out these types of tooth pain and identify what’s bothering you.

  • A faint sensitivity and mild pain when you drink something cold or eat something sweet or spicy.
  • A sharp, jabbing pain that doesn’t go away.
  • Throbbing in your gum and tooth.
  • Swelling around the tooth.
  • Dull constant pain, which draws your attention every few minutes.
  • Severe pain with fever and chills.
  • Bad Breath.

If you are experiencing any of these, it is time to consult our dentist at Peace of Mind Dental Studio.

Treat Your Tooth Pain Effectively in Chandler


Causes of Toothache

There are multiple causes of toothache, which are discussed here:

While you're familiarizing yourself with this procedure, make sure you also visit our section on how we treat you during your care with a range of nice-to-have and need-to-have patient comforts.


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When To See A Dentist for Toothache?

You must seek professional advice based on the severity of the toothache. For example, if you are experiencing teeth sensitivity for a couple of days and the pain isn’t severe, you can book an appointment with us anytime at your convenience. However, if you have suffered an injury, broken or cracked a tooth, and are experiencing severe pain, then an emergency appointment is necessary.

So, consult a dentist for toothache based on the circumstances. However, never overlook toothache. It can be a sign of a potential dental issue.

Toothache Treatment

Multiple treatment options are available to soothe tooth pain, which are prescribed after an initial dental examination.

During your first visit to Peace of Mind Dental Studio, we will examine your oral health and prescribe you the following treatment options:

Dental Fillings

An X-ray is required in cases of decay or cavities, based on which we will determine what you need. The decayed tooth will be removed, disinfected, and filled with a dental filling.

Root Canal

When a tooth’s pulp is infected, a root canal is needed. In this procedure, the infected pulp is removed, disinfected, filled with gutta-percha, and closed with a dental sealant.


When a slight injury is the culprit behind a toothache, antibiotics can help soothe it.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are needed when there is significant damage to your teeth causing the pain. These are porcelain or metal crowns that mimic your natural teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the last option. We try to save your teeth with crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, and other means, but when it is impossible, tooth extraction is inevitable. You can consider dental implants after tooth extraction.

Toothache Treatment at Peace of Mind Dental Studio

If you have severe tooth pain, do not overlook it. Visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio today and let us soothe the tooth pain.

We understand your pain and thus offer emergency dental services in Chandler. We offer multiple toothache treatments, which have been discussed above.

So, choose the best family dentistry in Chandler for your toothache treatment.


answering your questions about toothache…  

Can I treat toothache at home?
Yes, there are several remedies that you can try at home to soothe toothache for a while, such as cold compresses, salt water rinses, OTC medicines, hydrogen peroxide rinses, etc. However, if the pain does not subside, contact us and book an appointment.
When should I see a dentist for a toothache?
If the pain doesn’t go away in two or three days, there must be a severe dental issue causing it, such as an abscess or decay. So, visit a dentist as soon as possible.
Can a toothache go away on its own?
Yes, when the toothache is caused by a slight injury, which doesn’t have any lasting impact, the toothache might go away on its own. However, if the pain lingers or is frequent, you must visit Peace of Mind Dental Studio as soon as possible.

Have more questions? Please call us at 480-608-5444 or email us and we’ll be able to talk you through the process.

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