Diastema Treatment: What Do You Need to Know?

Do you have a gap in your front teeth? It is diastema, a condition that can be treated, and you can enjoy a beautiful smile. Learn how!

What is Diastema?

Diastema is when two upper front teeth have a gap wider than 0.5 millimeters. While this condition is not rare, it surely isn’t something many people like about themselves, as it makes them self-conscious and makes smiling an embarrassing situation.

Achieve a Confident Smile with Diastema Treatment
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Causes of Diastema

There are multiple reasons behind diastema, which are discussed here.

  • Normal Growth: Sometimes, the two upper front teeth grow at a distance, which is absolutely normal in kids. When new teeth form, especially canines, the gap is usually filled on its own. 
  • Unusual Size and Shape: Teeth don’t always grow straight and in the right position. Sometimes, when your canines aren’t in the right size, shape, and position, there is not enough pressure on the front teeth, which results in them drifting apart.
  • Gum Disease: Periodontitis is a gum infection, which is never a good idea, as it affects your gum tissue and bone. It negatively affects your oral health as your teeth loosen and gaps form.
  • Obstructions in Mouth: Your baby teeth are small, and when most of them don’t fall, a gap forms between the teeth, causing diastema. 
  • Tongue Thrusting: Diastema is not limited to upper front teeth only. If you habitually thrust your tongue against your lower teeth constantly, it can cause diastema in your lower front teeth.
  • Plaque and Tartar: Tartar is the hardened plaque that forms around teeth and causes dental problems. When you don’t get your teeth cleaned in time, the hard tartar creates gaps between teeth.

Diastema Treatment at Peace of Mind Dental Studio

If you have diastemas, book an appointment with us.

The treatment of diastema starts with a thorough examination of your teeth. Our expert will determine the cause of diastema and then suggest a treatment option.

Also, diastema is caused by multiple reasons, as discussed above. However, many people prefer taking diastema treatment solely for cosmetic reasons, as the gap between teeth makes it embarrassing to smile, affecting the aesthetics of it.

Once we have diagnosed the problem, we suggest the following treatment options.

  • Braces: When you don’t have a dental problem, but your teeth’s natural growth is the reason for diastema, then braces are the suggested treatment plan. You can choose braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign, which properly align your misaligned teeth, closing the gap between them.
  • Dental Bonding: Braces are the least preferred treatment plan among patients. If you are among such patients, dental bonding is another treatment option available. In dental bonding, we fill the gap between your teeth with a composite tooth-colored material. It is a very simple procedure which can be completed in one visit.
  • Veneers: Veneers are thin, teeth-shaped dental coverings that hide your teeth’ unaesthetic aspects. Veneers are designed considering your teeth’s shape, and these are bonded over your teeth with composite dental cement. Veneers skillfully cover the dental gap. 
  • Surgical Option: Many times, a diastema is caused by the dental cyst. It is the band of tissue that forms between your teeth and the gum line between the front teeth, causing them to drift apart.We advise surgery in such cases. The frenulum is removed through surgery, and diastema treatment is started. 
  • Dental Cleaning: In the case of tartar and plaque, our dentist advises dental cleaning to remove tartar and plaque. As tartar cannot be cleaned through regular brushing and flossing, it is mandatory to have your teeth professionally cleaned from time to time. Once the tartar is removed, we examine for any dental infections or cavities caused by it. If the tartar and plaque accumulation had been significant, it causes a gap between the teeth, causing Diastema.

Why Should You Choose Peace of Mind Dental Studio?

Diastema may primarily be a cosmetic concern, but its impact on your self-esteem and confidence is significant. Seeking professional assistance is crucial to address its implications effectively. However, you need a dentist who understands your issue and advises you on the best treatment option for your specific case. Peace of Mind Dental Studio is a cosmetic and family dentistry clinic in Chandler that prides itself on being the best in the area, offering our patients the comfort they deserve.

For the best diastema treatment in Chandler, book an appointment with us!


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Does dental insurance cover diastema treatment?

Whether diastema treatment is covered by insurance depends on your insurance policy and why you are seeking the treatment. If you are seeking it merely for cosmetic purposes, the probability of it being covered by insurance is slim.

What are the complications of diastema treatment?

Yes, there are certain risks associated with diastema treatment, such as tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, allergic reactions to dental materials, and the need for additional treatments or adjustments.

How do I know which treatment option is best for me?

To discover the most suitable solution, we recommend consulting with us at Peace of Mind Dental Studio. Following a comprehensive examination, we can provide personalized advice on the appropriate treatment plan.

Have more questions? Please call us at 480-608-5444 or email us and we’ll be able to talk you through the process.

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