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Common Causes of Emergency Dental Extractions

Emergency Dental Extractions

There are many reasons for you would go to a dentist for an emergency tooth extraction.

If your tooth gets damaged, the dentist will treat it through crowning, filling, and other treatment methods. But in cases where it is beyond repair, the affected tooth needs to be removed.

For example, in case the tooth gets severely damaged and cannot be protected even via bone grafting. Continue reading to learn about the five main causes where an emergency tooth extraction is prescribed.

1. Abnormal Teeth Development

If several teeth get affected or cannot emerge through the gums, irregular tooth growth ensues. Infections and problems related to discomfort and gum swelling are far more common in teeth that have been compromised. If you experience these symptoms, you need to seek treatment at a nearby dentist’s office in Chandler that performs emergency tooth extraction. This is a more common occurrence for those who have wisdom teeth. A vast majority of people get wisdom teeth with little discomfort, while some cannot maintain them and must have them extracted.

2. Damaged tooth by decay or trauma

Dental decay is generally curable, and in certain situations, the person’s original tooth may be saved. But, if for any reason, the gum has been significantly decayed, the dentist will suggest immediate extraction.

Dentists may attempt to save the teeth, but it will come at the price of the neighboring teeth that are susceptible to infection.

3. Periodontitis

Periodontitis attacks your teeth regularly, weakening the tissues that secure your teeth. The teeth recede dramatically with age, exposing the roots. As a result, the teeth have less strength and are more prone to falling out. As a result, the circumstance necessitates the removal of the affected tooth.

4. Crowded Teeth

Sometimes people tend to have too many teeth than their mouths can hold. This is mainly due to space constraints for all teeth, leading to misalignment. The disorder can be bothersome, particularly if you strive for a perfect smile.

The remedy to such issues can be as simple as removing a few teeth to provide an extra room or as complex as expanding the jaw to fix the alignment.

5. Under-Gum Tooth Fractures

Tooth fractures under the teeth can be caused by hard strikes on your teeth. An under-gum tooth fracture might be caused by an accidental event or even an everyday activity like eating.

When you chew anything, your teeth absorb most of the force, and small cracks in the bottom molars can occur if they are not aligned. If you’ve just had a large filling or a root canal, you’re at risk of a broken tooth behind the gums. If a tooth is cracked just under the gum line, immediate tooth extraction is required.

If you’re searching for an emergency dentist in Chandler, AZ, or a tooth extraction specialist in Chandler, AZ, make sure to select dentists that have good customer google reviews, and are experienced in their field. At Peace of Mind Dental Studio, our dentists have years of professional experience in performing emergency tooth extractions. Call us at 480-608-5444 to book an appointment.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.