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Why Family Dentistry Matters: The Importance of Finding the Right Dentist in Chandler

Family means you share everything, joys and sorrows, and deal with problems together. Family involves kids, adults, and elderly people. Unfortunately, it also includes dental problems. And thus, when dental problems arrive, you must also face them together by ensuring that everyone in the family, be it the elderly parents, or young infants, everyone receives excellent dental care. Because dental care is important at every age. Thus, family dentistry becomes an important place you should visit regularly.

This guide discusses why you should think more about family dentistry than you already do and why finding the right family dentistry in Chandler is important.

How a Family Dentistry Differs from a General Dentistry?

A general dentist differs from a family dentist in a way that family dentists not only offer dental services for your entire family, but most of them are registered pediatric dentists who specialize in offering dental services for infants, kids, and teens.

In short, it can be said that a general dentist only offers basic dental services, for example, basic cleaning and other dental services. But a family dentist has experience working with kids and teenagers, which makes them an ideal choice to book an appointment for the entire family.

Importance of Finding the Right Family Dentistry in Chandler

Choosing the right family dentistry can make all the difference, and the following important points prove how it will be a good decision to choose one.

It Saves Time

Booking an appointment for the different family members and making it to each one on time is really stressful, especially when you are the one with all the responsibilities. From scheduling dental exams for your parents to taking kids for their overall checkups, it can be really time-consuming, but not when you have a family dentist who can fill in for every family member’s dental needs. So, all you need to worry about is one appointment. It saves time.

It Warns You About Genetic Problems.

It might be hard to believe, but some dental problems are hereditary. If your parents have a gum disease or an unusual bite, there is a higher risk that you will be impacted by the same, and it also applies to your kids.

When your entire family visits the same family dentist, they can examine you and warn you about your kid’s potential dental problems. It will also allow your family dentist to suggest dental care for your kids.

To know more about the dental problems in the family, continue here.

It Makes Kids Feel Safe About Dental Visits

Most people consider that they should only visit the dentist in a dental emergency. When you visit a doctor in pain, it only creates bad memories. Thus, kids must be taught about dental problems and their treatments found at the dentistry, so that half-yearly visits are seen in a positive way. When kids experience the comfort and don’t create bad memories on the dentist’s chair, they are most likely to develop a habit of visiting the dentist without throwing any tantrums, unlike most adults.

At Peace of Mind Dental Studio, we have always prioritized patient comfort for kids and adults alike because everyone wants to feel safe when the lights loom over them, and a dental probe enters their mouth. Thus, we have experienced staff to make you feel safe about visits to the dentist.

Kids Need a Familiar Figure During Emergencies

Unsurprisingly, kids will play, fall, and, unfortunately, require dental visits. A knocked-out tooth or chipped tooth is not just an adult problem. In such emergencies, you need your kid to be dealt with by a familiar figure who knows about your kid’s dental health and who might make them feel safe during these unfortunate times.

Which Dental Procedures Does A Family Dentistry Offer?

A family dentist performs all the procedures that a general dentist performs. It includes:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Dental Sealants
  • Dental Fillings
  • Cosmetic Treatment

Certain dental procedures can only be performed after a certain age. Thus, it is crucial that the family dentist you choose understands the patient’s needs and procedural requirements based on their age and offer treatments accordingly.

Family Dentistry in Chandler

Get in touch with Peace of Mind Dental Studio today, the only family dentistry for your family where young patients can walk in without any worries. Your kid’s first visit is crucial; we aim to make it as comfortable as possible.

You can trust our family dentistry for your baby’s first tooth and your parents’ dentures. Our staff handles all your queries so you walk out the door satisfied.

Contact us today for an appointment.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.