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The Best Treatment for the Sensitive Teeth in Chandler

Do you experience physical discomfort in your teeth because of everyday activities such as chewing, sipping drinks, and brushing? If that is the case, you might often wonder how to get rid of the sensitivity and experience relief. A variety of issues can trigger sensitivity in teeth and there are several methods for relieving this discomfort. Some of these methods involve simple to implement lifestyle changes, and there are plenty of in-office dental treatments.

These are two of the most commonly suggested practices that help reduce sensitivity:

1. Always use a Softer Toothbrush

If you’re using a toothbrush with hard bristles, you may exacerbate your problem. Hence, replacing it with a softer toothbrush will help the situation. Rigid bristles and gritty toothpaste damage enamel, causing numerous small cracks and, subsequently, increased sensitivity. It can also promote gum recession, exposing pulp and causing painful nerves. To prevent tooth damage and strengthen your gums, use a soft bristles toothbrush and do not over-brush.

2. Wear a nighttime Mouthguard

Grinding or pressing your teeth at sleep often causes sensitivity in teeth. This is known as bruxism. If you spend your night grinding teeth, your dentist in Chandler can help. They might take impressions of your teeth and create a customized mouth guard that you can wear while sleeping. This guard shields teeth from excessive pressure and minimizes tooth damage.

If you’re bothered by sensitive teeth, visit your dentist in Chandler, AZ. They can discover any underlying reasons for your dental discomfort. Based on the conditions, your restorative dentistry in Chandler may advise you to:

Use Toothpaste with Desensitizing Properties

With regular use, desensitizing toothpaste can often help prevent pain you experience when you eat or drink certain food items. A wide range of products is available. Consult with your dentist about which medication would be appropriate for you.


Your dentist in Chandler, AZ, will treat the sensitized tooth with Fluoride. It helps restore tooth structure and minimize discomfort. They may also advise using prescribed fluoride at night that comes in customized trays.

Desensitization or Bonding

We can often repair open root areas by putting bonding glue to the vulnerable root surfaces. The dentist might apply a local anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure.

Gum Graft Surgery

If the tooth root gets devoid of the gum tissues, some gum tissue from another part of the mouth can be removed and reattached to the afflicted region. This can help to shield vulnerable roots while also reducing discomfort.

The Root Canal Procedure

 If your sensitive teeth are causing significant discomfort and other measures aren’t working, your dentist in Chandler, AZ, may prescribe a root canal—a surgery used to cure issues in the core of the teeth (dental pulp). While this may appear to be an extensive therapy, we often regard it as the most effective method to get rid of dental discomfort.

Brushing teeth in the morning and the night with a soft toothbrush and fluoridated gel, and flossing daily, will keep sensitive teeth at bay. Instead of forceful or hand washing, use soft sweeps, and avoid applying harsh mouthwashes.

You should also take precautions while consuming acidic foods and beverages, such as fizzy drinks, limes, and alcohol, as all of these can wear away small portions of enamel surface over time. Always go with a paper straw while drinking stronger beverages to avoid contact with your teeth. If drinking an acidic beverage (soda, juice, energy drinks), it is best to drink it in one sitting rather than sipping it throughout the day. Always rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating sticky or acidic food items. If you are experiencing pain due to sensitivity and you live near Chandler, Arizona, contact our caring experts at Peace of Mind Dental Studio.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.