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How These Dental Treatments Make Our Lives Much Easier

“My mouth seems to look fantastic.” “Why should I get it cleaned and examined?” It’s a question that folks sometimes have. A healthy mouth, on the other hand, is more than just a beautiful smile. Dental issues can hide in areas you can’t find, such as the interior of the teeth or along the gums.

Luckily, your dentist in Chandler provides these modern dental treatments to make it much easier to care for your teeth.

1. Tooth decay detection using lasers

Only a few dentists in Chandler offer this facility. They use a cutting-edge laser diode to search for cavities rather than a pointed dental instrument to recognize weak spots on enamel surfaces.  This technology measures the amount of laser fluorescence being emitted at different areas of the tooth.  The displayed readings let the dentist know how solid the tooth is underneath the surface.  Further, it allows dental professionals to detect tooth decay at a preliminary phase and revive the tooth with a simple filling.

2. Digital x-rays produce clearer images of the teeth

Even though the digital x-ray system has been around for a while, dentists are slowly upgrading their facilities to deliver quality patient care. Dental professionals can now see the entire tooth formation with digital x-rays to diagnose issues such as pre-cavities, abscesses, or periodontitis. Electronic scans also assist doctors in precisely inserting dental implants in the jaw and detecting additional root canals in teeth.

3. Rapidly constructed crowns

Previously, if your dentist in Chandler suggested a crown to restore a tooth, they would create a mold cavity of the tooth. A dental office then used this molding to construct a permanent crown, which could take weeks or months. A very few dental practices in Chandler have invested in CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacture) technology, allowing them to make a crown right there as you wait.

4. Veneers are used to protect teeth

You may be hesitant to laugh and smile if you have unappealing or misaligned teeth. To improve the appearance, dentists can adhere a thin veneer on the front of your teeth. With this new technique, the doctor reconfigures the tooth contours so that the veneer aligns flawlessly, giving you a stunning smile.

5. Repairing chipped teeth is simple

Whether you lose teeth in an injury, grind teeth while sleeping, or lose a part of teeth while chewing ice cubes. People commonly prefer not to have the issue resolved. Dentists, on the other hand, are employing combination materials and technologies to repair chipped teeth. Because the material is color-matched to your tooth enamel color, the repair is undetectable.

6. With lasers, dentists can repair the Gums quickly

Soft gum tissue can transform as people grow older. Pockets can form when gum tissue fits weakly around the teeth. Periodontal disease can develop all along the gum line. Microbes can dwell in the pockets and compromise the dentin structure and destroy the bone supporting teeth. Dentists can now perform a thorough, deeper cleaning of the teeth to eliminate the bacteria causing gum disease.

7. Dentists in Chandler use High-tech implants to replace missing teeth

People frequently lose teeth as a result of an injury or decay. Dentists have been using dental implants to restore teeth for many years. Some devices in the past have broken off or failed to fuse into the lower jaw.  Keeping that in mind, dentists prepare the latest implants with more precision. And the dentists at Peace of Mind Dental Studio perform the entire process in the most relaxing environment. Today, approximately 95 percent of implant materials survive 15 years or longer.

Peace of Mind Dental Studio in Chandler, Arizona, welcomes you! We are a family dental practice dedicated to keeping your mouths healthy and your mind peaceful.

Our skilled dentists are delighted to provide a variety of dental treatments at our state-of-art dental practice. Feel free to call us for a consultation or visit our studio in Chandler, Arizona.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.