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Excellent Dental Hygiene Practices You Should Know

People often wonder what it takes to have perfect teeth and a gorgeous sparkling smile. It’s simple. It only takes a few consistent dental hygiene habits to keep your teeth healthy, happy, and white. But only brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough.

If you care for something, then you must preserve it. That’s what your teeth need. Therefore, you need some additional preventative dentistry practices.

Top 10 Dental Hygiene Practices For Excellent Dental Health

Incorporate these preventative dentistry practices in your routine and witness the change.

Brush Your Teeth Properly

You brush your teeth daily, maybe twice a day, but do you brush them properly? Does your brush reach the last tooth? Are you sure your brushing leaves no leftover food in your mouth?

Here are some tips on how to brush your teeth properly.

  • Hold your brush to your gums at a 45-degree angle.
  • Use short, not-so-powerful strokes and brush back and forth.
  • You can use a mirror to see if you reach the back teeth or not.
  • Cover entire mouth.

Use these brushing techniques twice a day. Brush first thing in the morning as germs and bacteria become active at night. Also, never skip brushing at night.

Regular Flossing

Most people don’t floss, but it’s a general dental hygiene practice that you must not skip. The flossing thread is so thin that it can easily remove food stuck between your teeth. You can’t always carry a brush; but you can always floss on the go.

Use The Right Brush

This is a mistake most people make. They don’t care what type of toothbrush they use. They simply pick one. You must choose a brush that has the following attributes.

  • It has a stretchable neck.
  • The bristles are soft.
  • It fits your mouth perfectly. 
  • It is ADA-approved.

You can choose between an electric and manual brush.

Rinse With A Mouthwash

Invest in a good mouthwash. You can consult a dentist and take professional advice or go for an over-the-counter mouthwash. Check for ingredients like chlorhexidine that are effective against plaque and gingivitis. It also helps against tartar buildup. Brush your teeth and follow it up with a mouthwash as an effective preventative dentistry practice.

Limit Sugary Drinks And Foods

Sugary beverages like soda, packed fruit juices, energy drinks, etc., contain added sugar which is very harmful to teeth. Sugar sticks to teeth and contributes to formation of plaque on teeth. If you don’t brush twice daily, it will cause cavities. So, switch to water. Water has minerals that wipe off the sticky layer and clean your teeth.

Also, Clean Your Tongue

The tongue is a part of your mouth and plays a vital role in keeping it clean and odor-free. Never forget to clean it after brushing. It is also prone to plaque buildup. Use a tongue cleaner. It will keep the bad odor away.

Eat Healthy Food And Vegetables

You already know you must eat healthy foods, but you are reminded because everyone neglects this healthy habit. You must eat healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating canned and processed foods. Instead, buy fresh fruits from the market and let your teeth do the exercise. Crunchy fruits and vegetables play an important role in maintaining excellent dental hygiene.  

Use A Fluoride Toothpaste

No matter what they say about fluoride’s effects on your health, your teeth need it. It helps in teeth whitening and strengthens the enamel. It is a good defense against tooth decay too. So, buy a toothpaste that contains fluoride.  

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Teeth that look healthy also need a dentist’s professional eyes from time to time, so he/she can point out any potential dental problems you might have. “My teeth are fine; why should I go to a dentist?” This is what many people think. But they couldn’t be more wrong. You must visit your dentist every six months even if you are not facing any problems. Don’t wait for pain and sensitivity to bother you. Get your teeth cleaned by the dentist twice a year to avoid calculus and tartar buildup.

Final Words

These are some general habits you must incorporate into your daily routine. If you want healthy and strong teeth for life, it’s important to take care of them today. These excellent dental hygiene practices will help you maintain the beautiful smile you are so proud of. Visit Peace Of Mind Dental Studio in Chandler today to get quality services. We are happy to help you with regular checkups, dental treatments, and any assistance that you need.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.