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Common Questions from Our Dental Patients in Chandler

Dental Patients in Chandler

A COMMON MISTAKE IN MEDICINE is that, while coping with diseases, we isolate the mouth from the rest of the body. In contrast, the mouth may provide insight into an individual’s overall health. Most oral disorders are limited to the mouth and may be treated with dental care. Nevertheless, oral signs of systemic illness are common and may require the assistance of a Chandler dentist.

The following are some of the most often asked questions regarding dental health by our Chandler patients:

Do I really need to floss?

We know that dentists often come off as broken records, but the answer is YES! Brushing and flossing regularly eliminate food and germs from the surfaces of teeth and is the most effective approach to avoid dental problems and periodontitis. Brushing, by itself, may not physically reach between teeth. When germs and foodstuff remain on your teeth for a prolonged time, the plaque solidifies from the elements produced naturally in your saliva, forming a stiff film that only a dentist can eliminate. The technique is similar to soap scum accumulating in your bathtub. Isn’t that unpleasant? By flossing every day, you can eradicate germs before it hardens, keeping your teeth and gums healthy and cheerful.

When should my kids start visiting the dentist in Chandler?

We recommend seeing kids at least one year old or after their first tooth emerges, whatever comes earlier! Why? First and foremost, it will familiarize your kid with seeing the dentist, making it less frightening and overwhelming. Furthermore, if there is a problem with the child’s dentition or mouth and throat, it is better to detect it as soon as possible. Also, even when the child just has a single tooth, we may begin using fluoride to promote its growth and strengthen it! Lastly, you may ask your dentist in Chandler about any concerns you have regarding your child’s teeth and mouth, such as teething, thumb sucking patterns, soft toys, and so on.

Is an electric toothbrush worth the cost?

electric toothbrush worth the cost

According to studies, using a flawless technique and brushing for two minutes with a conventional toothbrush would eliminate the same amount of food, dirt, and germs as an electric toothbrush. This is fantastic news for the modest and determined! Having said that, we’re all fallible. Fewer people can clean their teeth in excellent form and for the whole 120 seconds each time. An electric toothbrush may effectively transcend the technique barrier, and almost all the models have inbuilt clocks to ensure you’re spending enough time in each region of your mouth! We’ve been seeing many people come in with better dental hygiene from one visit to another, and it’s all because they bought an electric toothbrush. We also highly advise individuals with low dexterity to use electric toothbrushes.

Could change in my gums be a sign of a major issue?

Disruptions in gingival tissue, smoothness, tone, and inflammatory state (i.e., bleeding) are typical indicators of poor dental health and require expert cleaning.

Yet, in certain situations, these signs may suggest a change in health state, like the onset of diabetes; immune response alterations; pregnancies; plasma dyscrasia, including leukemia, thrombocytopenia, and platelet-related diseases; or a vitamin B3 or vitamin C deficiency.

At Peace of Mind Dental Studio, we look forward to the chance to build long-term connections with our patients that encourage lifetime dental health.

We have competent dentists to offer the treatment you require, whether you’ve moved to Chandler or the nearby areas, want to change your dental providers, or simply need a second opinion. Contact us to book your appointment today.

Written by Dr. Silverman

Dr. Silverman is the co-founder of Peace of Mind Dental, a Chandler Arizona, general dentistry practice.