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It’s hard to have Peace of Mind when you can’t eat or smile due to bad teeth. Peace of Mind Dental Studio can restore your teeth painlessly and efficiently.

Peace of Mind Dental Studio – Restorative Dentistry

As a leading provider of high-quality advanced dental services in Chandler, AZ, our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology to handle most dental procedures. Patient comfort is our priority where we strive to make our procedures fast and painless.
When you walk into our state-of-the-art studio, you will experience calmness and serenity like never before. Our customer service is professional, welcoming, and friendly, always ready to make you feel at home.


What is Restorative Dentistry?

In simple terms, restorative dentistry involves all the procedures that a dentist does to keep your mouth healthy and functioning. From dental exams, x-rays to root canal therapy, restorative dentistry is comprehensive and necessary for good oral health. Unlike cosmetic surgery, a restorative dentist does require specialized training to carry out these procedures.

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Advanced Restorative Dental Procedures Available at POM Dental Studio

In the hands of our highly trained and professional team led by Dr. Jeremy Silverman, you can rest assured that your teeth will be restored efficiently and painlessly. Some procedures available in our clinic include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings – Dental fillings help repair and restore decayed or damaged teeth. We will use tooth-colored composite for the dental filling, which is permanent and durable. Whether your tooth is damaged, chipped, cracked, or decayed, we have the right dental filling to solve the problem.
  • Dental crowns and veneers – Using crowns and veneers are almost similar to dental fillings, which help restore significantly damaged teeth. The crowns can be made of gold, silver, composite, or porcelain. They cover the entire tooth and act as a cap against future damage. Veneers cover the front of the tooth and last for a substantial length of time.
  • Bridges – For those with missing teeth, bridges are a fantastic option to restore your teeth. They anchor on the teeth around the area and act as a ‘bridge’ to the gap. Depending on the number of missing teeth, bridges may vary in size. We will perform a thorough exam and customize the right bridge for you.
  • Partial and Complete Dentures – To replace your natural teeth, you may need partial or complete dentures. For partials, they help replace one or a few teeth, while complete dentures are used to replace the entire teeth structure artificially. 
  • Root Canals – At times, bacteria may infect a tooth leading to extensive damage. Instead of extracting the tooth, our dentist will perform a root canal. It involves thoroughly cleaning the infected area, disinfecting it, filling, and sealing.

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What are the benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Coming to Peace of Mind Dentistry to get your teeth restored comes with numerous benefits such as:


  • The ability to eat well leads to a significant improvement in your health
  • Elimination of any pain on your teeth
  • Ability to speak well again which may not have been possible with bad teeth
  • Getting your beautiful smile back
  • Tips on how to take better care of your teeth for good oral health
How Expensive is Restorative Dental Work?

There’s no blanket cost for restorative dental procedures since every case is unique. At Peace of Mind Dental Studio, we strongly believe in offering affordable dental services without compromising quality. 

To this end, we are in partnership with insurance companies such as Cigna and Delta to cater to our client’s needs. We also accept major credit cards and cash for easy payments. Better yet, we have an in-house payment plan so that no one is left out of good oral health due to finances. 

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Tips & advice from Dr. Silverman:


Do distractions in the dental chair cause you more unease?


It is absolutely okay to feel this way, just please let us know and we will make sure to limit our patient comforts that are particularly distracting.  Some patients do not prefer to wear noise canceling headphones or have the ceiling mounted TVs on during treatment or wear. We want you to be comfortable and are here to accommodate to your preferences. 

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